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We’re big dreamers and believe in encouraging people to pursue their passions. We put our hearts into what we do and we love bringing our talents to the table to help our clients make their dreams come true!


“When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.„ ~ Confucius

We love working with clients whose services, products or values we feel passionate about in some way. That passion translates into every element of design, every page of copy and every idea we come up with. We really enjoy making others fall in love with your business or project through engaging experiences. If you feel passionate about your project and we connect, chances are we will feel it too.

Life is too short to do anything we’re not passionate about or believe is part of a bigger picture. If this speaks to you too, hit us up and tell us about your dream website. We’re always upfront with our solutions, even if it involves pointing you in the direction of another designer or company.

About Us

We do what we love, and we love to create beautiful, engaging experiences.

Olivia Meiring

Web & Print (Design & Production)

I’m the founder of Yummy Wakame and your main point of contact. I’m a wanderlusting South African originally from Cape Town, now a U.S. Resident, with over 16 years agency and freelance experience in design for web & print.

Omid Shabkhiz

Video (Editor, Director, Writer, Producer)

My greatest passion is film. Film/Cinema/Video Studies at UCLA.
“Banished” Selected at Big Apple Film Festival.
“Delusive Dreams” Won 1st Place at 818 Film Festival.
Owner: Independence Studio

Client Love

  • We have had the pleasure of working with Livvy for a while now and I want to say what an affirming joy it has been. She ALWAYS delivers on time, on budget and to such a high standard. She pushes herself hard to get the right result – we rely totally on that and have never been let down (even when the deadline is way too close!). In fact I don’t think I can recall a single bit of rework being required. And a quality that perhaps could be overlooked when it comes to just looking at the numbers – she approaches a project with a common sense and intelligence that means issues are resolved in a way that just makes sense.

    - Martin Janes - Director, NVisage UK -
  • I found Olivia through a website that I had ordered from and admired. I contacted her about a potential new website in the future, but for the moment it was more about rebranding and setting me up with new labels, product stickers, festival banner, t-shirts business cards, and a blog and newsletter for the current site.

    Working with Olivia on designs for all of the things that I needed was truly an amazing experience. She was the first designer that I had worked with that ‘got’ me right away. She would literally know what I wanted before I knew I wanted it! She is extremely professional and very sharp. Olivia is the type of designer who you can actually turn over aspects of decision-making to if that is your style. In the past, I have had some pretty negative experiences with other designers and been really disappointed. I have loved every single thing that Olivia has done for me. She really knows what she is doing and must either have experience in marketing, or studied it.

    I can hardly wait until I get to the point where I can commission my new website from Yummy Wakame, I know it’s going to be incredible! I would definitely call Olivia a ‘step (or two) above’ your average designer and unreservedly recommend her.

    - Morwenna Palmehn – Owner, Mosaic Moon -
  • Olivia IS web design. She is a total guru whiz kid .. 100% dedicated and always right up-to-date with the latest developments. She’s creative and keenly aware of end user experience 🙂

    - Rachel Thomas – Copywriter & Brand Language Consultant -
  • One of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. She knows not only how to come up with an amazing web design, but can actually take the design and turn it into a working HTML/CSS template. That template is very well coded, all CSS positioning, complies with all web standards, and completely validates.
    Olivia is my go to designer.

    - Dan Foley, Owner, Developer & Online Media Consultant -
  • I found Olivia’s portfolio to be quite impressive and I was even more impressed upon actually working with her. She is extremely professional and well organized. The results were spectacular and exceeded my expectations. I cannot say enough about how impressed I’ve been with the results. Sock Dreams is well organized and has a professional feel that has resulted in a huge increase in sales. I would recommend Olivia to anyone seeking a professionally designed site. In fact, I have already recommended her to several friends and family members.

    - Monique Natosi -Owner, SockDreams.com -
  • I have worked with Olivia on and off for nearly five years now. Olivia is fantastic to work with. She is quick and bright, and seems to always gets the brief spot on first time. Her designs are reliably usable, accessible and attractive – she is never over protective of them and understands clients’ needs. She is extremely fast and reliable, and will pull out all the stops if she knows I am in trouble with tight deadlines on a project!

    - Kerry Wright - Account Director, Designate North -

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