31 Jul 2003

UK Environment Agency names and shames
The UK’s worst polluters

Repeat offenders: United Utilities, Anglian Water Services Ltd, Thames Water Utilities Ltd, BP Oil (UK) Ltd, TotalFinaElf, 3C Waste Ltd, Tesco Stores Ltd (all top offenders in 2001 too)

yucky stuffBarbara Young, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, commented: “Courts are getting tougher on environmental offenders – but fines are still small change for big business. The Environment Agency is leading the world in developing new and inventive ways to help encourage environmental-sound behaviour by big business.

We have introduced risk-based charging, linking licence fees to environmental performance. We assess the risks of an industrial site and the company’s management and control of those risks. The good guys are recognised for their hard work while the poor performers are penalised through the publication of their prosecution records as well as higher operating charges. Signs suggest that it’s starting to work.”

(In an interview on the news last night she said they are also conidering jail terms for offenders.)

Here’s the BBC News report

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