29 Sep 2003

Found on the ChapelHubby Clones Wife
Dmitri Ivanov secretly cloned his cancer-riddled wife Katrina in 1965, in an experiment that seemed to end happily when he married the dead woman’s genetic duplicate just days after she turned 18. But the brilliant scientist’s love for his look-alike bride soon grew cold. In 1985, Ivanov dumped her and made yet another clone of her dead sister. Then he waited patiently until the second clone turned 18 last March before marrying her.

Details of Ivanov’s experiments are sketchy, but sources in Moscow say the scientist ran Russia’s cloning laboratory until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Records suggest that the expert authorized and participated in the cloning of at least 300 humans.

Ivanov’s first clone bride, Elina Kolokov, is believed to be housed in a government psychiatric facility ‘recovering from the shock.'”

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