24 Nov 2003

Birthday Boy Bsti made a really interesting post today I had to share:

prayerAre we hardwired to believe in God?
“Every known culture from the dawn of our species has maintained a belief in some form of a “spiritual” reality. Wouldn’t this suggest that human spirituality must represent an inherent characteristic of our species, that is, a genetically inherited trait? Furthermore, being that spirituality, just like language, represents a cognitive function, wouldn’t this suggest that our “spiritual” instincts, just like our linguistic ones, must be generated from some very specific physical part within the brain?”

bsti: Yeah. I call it a mindvirus.
All humans suffer from certain ailments of the brain which are thus far incurable~emotion and spirituality. These ailments arose from the evolutionary requirement of procreation, of course. We don’t usually suffer from these ailments. except when they conflict with other humans and their afflictions.

GodWe’ve all experienced a broken heart or a pushy witness or watched the faithful massacre each other for believing in a different fantasy or got beaten up by overzealous BAC’s while in the audience at a seminar about the influence of Satan on rock and roll…..

“Most controversial of all, if what I’m suggesting is true, it would imply that God is not necessarily something that exists ‘out there,’ beyond and independent of us, but rather as the product of an inherited perception, the manifestation of an evolutionary adaptation that exists within the human brain.”

bsti: Controversial? That concept predates 99.9{a9f0d31f6175b3e4775e11a66c07db268fb74408d6095f6b46eeec420c0e9f62} of today’s organized religions. I’m not sure why this fella thinks it’s such a new idea. Funny how humans think their generation is the most important, the most advanced. and comes up with the newest, most shiny ideas.

Truth is, everything that you can think of now as regards spirituality has already been thought of before. It’s good to remember them, but I always felt such knowledge should be given freely.

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