26 Dec 2003

Bush in 30 SecondsCheck out Bush in 30 Seconds – a political advertising contest to find the ad that best tells the truth about President Bush’s policies. These are some of my favourites:

Our Future World Leaders SpeakWhat are we teaching our children? by Fred Surr
Our Future World Leaders Speak by Jamie Moore
In My Country by Outpost 7
Do the Math by Bill Freais
Gone in 30 Seconds by Eric Blumrich

Also, movieHeavyTV News
“The MPAA has shut us down! So far the studio’s have stated that they ‘refuse to allow internet rentals of movies.’ They clearly wish to monopolize the industry and want to shut down any independent ‘virtual cinema’ operators. Please note that this issue is now before the courts and we look forward to seeing a fair and amicable outcome in due course. Stay tuned!”

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