26 Dec 2003

Rainbow Toe Socks from Sock DreamsWeee! Pieter spoilt me rotten this Christmas. Stuffed into my christmas stocking were a colourful pair of Throx (3 socks – the cure for the missing sock) and pretty long rainbow striped toe socks. You wont find them anywhere else but Sock Dreams. Bsti and Niq also added a beautiful Japanesey Koi wall hanging and sock garters made by Niqis fair hands. Arent they sweet!

USB Christmas TreeAl must have complained to Pieter about my thieving because he also got me the USB christmas tree!! So now I have one for my home PC and Als one for the work PC. Its so beautiful I dont think I will ever put it away. Also Eddie Izzard – Sexie on DVD, so even more reason to save up for a DVD player and a TV that supports new technology. His Sexie tour is totally booked out across the UK. Cant wait to see it. I also got some yummy apple flavoured sour sweets.

V-FIT AMR1 AIRMAG Rowing MachineAnd to help me burn those off, the ultimate prezzie Ive always wanted – the V-FIT AMR1 AIRMAG ROWER. Its huge, weighing in at 32kgs and filling up nearly half the lounge, its a seriously sexy piece of machinery. Thank you pieter my little pie eater!! xxxx

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