31 Mar 2004

Seen on Chapel Perilous

baby teeth Marines’ weapon loaded with ‘scream’
US troops are to be armed with a stun gun that uses a baby’s high-pitched scream to bring the enemy to its knees. The gun, which will be issued to marines in Iraq this month, fires “sonic bullets” that can be targeted like a torch beam. The actual sound used is a recording of a baby’s scream played backwards.

Anyone hit with a full blast would suffer excruciating pain, permanent deafness and some form of cellular damage. A prolonged blast could kill.

Pentagon sources said it would be used in Iraq as an alternative to bullets to break up riots or protests, to stop suspects approaching check points and force snipers from buildings or caves.

A secret division in the Pentagon has been financing research on futuristic weapons for more than 15 years. This is the first to go into operation.

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