25 Apr 2004

Olivia.mp3 (4.7 MB)
“A very chilled out track that I wrote for my sister…Inspired by Kruder and Dorfmeister, Tosca and Peace Orchestra…” ~ Kenneth

It got a sizzling 4-star review by Electromancer:

“When you wear your influences on your sleeve, you’ve either gotta be supremely confident in your abilities or completely stupid! WHAT?!?! Our friend TwickSisted here is influenced by a couple of artists whom I think are absolutely AWESOME … K+D Sessions happens to be one of my most favourite albums. Kruder & Dorfmeister as a duo & also individually with their various other projects have for many years been making extremely GROOVY music …

… and so is the music made by TwickSisted. ‘Olivia’ is a very funky slab of chilled-out shuffling breakbeat. The production is a cut above the rest … very clear, crisp & precise, with some excellent noises goin on. In particular I reckon the slap bass that drives the track along is wicked, it really gives this tune a strong & funky identity.

‘Olivia’ begins very much in a K&D vein with some luverly plucked string sounds & some spacey swoony synths goin on in the depths of the mix, which ebb n’ flow up & down as the track grooves along. There’s a gradual build up before the b-line comes in, followed by an excellent shuffling breakbeat … the beats, as well as the b-line, are spot on & complement one another very well.

The artist has put a lot of effort into crafting this piece of music. Although it revolves around a fairly small set of samples for the whole duration of the track, the various breakdowns, beat changes & chill-out moments keep your ears locked onto this rather luverly noise. This is a track that should be added to everyone’s favourites folder … check it out, NOW!”

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