29 Jul 2004

The level of personal debt the British public is in has reached a whopping £1 TRILLION today!
Most of the friends we have here in England practically live on their credit cards, and are proud of their play now, pay later motto. Its trendy to be carefree.

GBPIt’s quite weird for us because in South Africa, being in debt is not something you aspire to, or even brag about. I am terrified of being in mounting debt. The worst scenario I can imagine is having a massive mountain of debt to pay off, every day increasing in size with interest as my lifestyle becomes more and more extravagant beyond my income. It seems fun to spend when youre young and beautiful and everyone wants to employ you – it seems like there are decades ahead to pay off the debt. But before you know it you are older. Youll probably earn less than you do now until finally, nobody wants to employ you. This generation isnt even saving properly for retirement. Am I the only one who thinks this is mad?!!

Yup. Enjoy that caviar now, because you’ll be swapping it for soft catfood in your twilight years! Its easier on the gums 😉

I just dont get it! Its not your money to spend. It’s the bank’s money. That gold card doesnt mean youre rich. It most likely means youre stupid! (And a prime target for card skimming – so double stupid!)

BBC: How I shook off the shackles of debt
One debtor told BBC News Online how she kicked the credit habit…

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