30 Nov 2004

WeirdPixie blogged this really strange site over at Chapel Perilous

Pinocchia nose“Nasophallophilia” – What on earth? This has to be the weirdest sexual fetish I have ever heard of. Okay, big noses I can understand, I ADORE big noses (although not in a fetish way, I think), but 2 metre long Pinocchio noses? On Women? Come on!

The forum is just as entertaining and seems to be overrun by desperate men looking for the perfect Pinocchio woman, like this guy:

“I’d like to see a girl that is self conscious about her big nose have her nose grow from anywhere to six inches long to the length of a stripper pole and then have it used for various humiliating tasks.” ~ Mike”

Luckily for Mike the world is full of women who’s noses grow really long while they are forced to tell lies in front of other people, so hopefully his hobbies and personality will help him find that perfect girl.

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