28 Feb 2005

Joanna Newsom and the New Weird America

Joanna NewsomThis little pixie has me totally spellbound. Please take a listen to “Sprout and the Bean” and allow yourself to be whisked away into her majickal world…

What’s the Big Hooplah about Joanna Newsom?

I’m sitting about three feet away from the “stage” which is little more than a carpet thrown across the same floor my feet are touching. Just behind that imaginary stage line is a giant harp, taller than me and on a grand scale, the type of thing you might see being played at the wedding of the Moon and the Milky Way. Suddenly, a quite contrasting, short little girl comes out, long hair, nearly pointed ears protruding and her face the combination of a sleeping baby and a punch in the face. She sits down at the harp, adjusts her shoulders and positions her fingers. She begins playing, and she is two instruments, each hand playing a different mood, each finger plucking a different emotion. Then her voice kicks in and I would be a fool to attempt to describe it, just as anyone who has in the past is. All I can say is that another more wonderful instrument joins the barrage and as bittersweet lyrics employing the work of whicker beetleshells and suppers consisting primarily of salt come rolling into your ears you finally experience what Artemis must have been thinking when he sent music down to those petty pagan Greeks.” ~ ClickNathan

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