24 May 2005

The Dogon People of Mali

“In the heart of Mali, West Africa there lives a tribe called the Dogon. Famous for their art and cosmology, they live around a 200-kilometer cliff band known as the Bandiagara.

In this week’s PhotoVoyage, Aurora photographer Jos?zel documents the Dogon people of the sub-Sahara. Join the Dogon as they climb the cliffs for pigeon guano and dance an ancient Dama that connects their dead to the next world.”

Mali Music CD CoverOne of my absolute favourite CDs in my music collection is Mali Music – a world music side project for the Blur/Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn where proceeds from the album’s sales benefit UNICEF. It’s filled with the most beautiful happy tracks bursting with atmosphere from Kela Village layered with a western influence, each one totally unique in sound.

Here’s a track to whet your appetite. Also check this out! Go on, add something special to your music collection!

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