19 Jul 2005

Day 1 – Carlisle to Birdoswald

This was a very hectic 20 mile walk over all kinds of terrain and beautiful countryside. We started out at 11am and only got to the YHA by 9 in the evening! Our feet were killing us, our backs in spasm from carrying rucksacks. We’d had very little food that day and ran out of water so we were absolutely exhausted! I limped around the kitchen preparing packet pasta sauce for supper before we shovelled it down and went to bed.

I had to lift my legs into the bed because I couldnt move them. We were in so much pain.

There were many moments during the day when I looked back on my 10 hour bus ride in airconditioned luxury, and wished I was in it instead of walking.

Cumbria, fair Cumbria

The Cumbria County Show – place of countrified horsy people and yummy butter fudge.
Horses in a line make for a good time

Quiddity bundubashing through the jungle
Quiddity the Brave

Taking a break
Ohlivia, wishing she'd have ridden one of those ponies...

Snack break
Having a (well deserved) snack

A forest
Looks spooky, approach with intrepid determination

At this point I’m hoping, “Boy, this is probably as hard as it gets!” HAHAHAHAHAAAA!
Laughing at your own misfortune

A future pagan fertility ritual site
Sexy tree

Around 9pm and approaching Birdoswald YHA, situated in the remains of a Roman fort
Approaching Birdoswald


  • Niqkita
    July 20, 2005 Reply

    I am loving this! and am so glad no one bled or pooed excessively in this chapter ~;P

  • Cait
    July 19, 2005 Reply

    Wonderful pics.

  • Jam
    July 19, 2005 Reply

    Cool pics, sounds great!

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