22 Jul 2005

Day 5 – Finished en klaar

I found myself along the River Tyne

Today, on the last day of my trip i really felt it for the first time. Ive always suspected that my home wouldnt have an address but I guess I had to be alone this last day to really feel it. It hit me as I was standing along the River Tyne, knee deep in tall grass and nature in a foreign country. I was in a completely unfamiliar place, there wasn’t a soul around and I had no idea where the path ahead would take me next. I now know that whatever happens I can wing. I feel at home standing in a muddy dribbling shower, sweaty sleeping between polyester sheets and walking for 10 hours a day ’till I find a friendly face who’ll let me put up my swollen feet.

I finally feel at home in any situation because my home is in my belly. Sometimes it rumbles hungrily. I keep a real live gypsy cowboy in there I once ate, straw hat and all.

Missing Quiddity

It’s even more confusing when you’re going in the wrong direction!

Along the River Tyne

Nature’s animals – human dustbins

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over your country


On the last page of the map!


  • Hans
    July 26, 2005 Reply

    My guess most readers of the blog, or at least those who post on it, are in their 20’s. I am in my mid 40’s (a native Venezuelan transplanted to the States many years ago, not your typical US fellow). I do know some of the posters have made it clear that they are a bit older. But yes, I agree with you that the key feature here is “to think” or be “outside the box. “

  • quiddity
    July 25, 2005 Reply

    there’s a box…?

  • olivia
    July 25, 2005 Reply

    Thanks Hans! That is the sweetest comment.

    I’m curious to know, what do you think the demographic of my audience is? I try to offer content that will appeal to the broadest age group and like to include as many countries as possible. I guess what all my regular visitors have in common is they can think outside the box.

    I used to have a cool “select your language” translation tool on the old version of this site and I forgot to include it this time…

  • Hans
    July 25, 2005 Reply

    well, I’ve been gone for a few days…but I am back. What a wonderful little blog you have Olivia. I think I am way off demographics of your audience here (found your blog by a convoluted route)…but I am very muchy enjoying it. Great to hear your voice and see some of your pixs and the wonderful English country side. I have been to England twice and driven a bit about the country side and found it very charming. My theory is that the bad reputation of english food is simply a strategy to keep foreigners away, so that the place doesn’t get too crowded. Thanks for having this little jewel of a blog. Cheers, Hans

  • julie
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    i like the shadow picture!

    oh and cait, i think most of the latest cameras are much better in terms of shutter delay. dpreview is one of the most comprehensive digicam review/info sites, imo. if you want NO shutter delay tho, go with a digital SLR =)

  • olivia
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    What camera do you have Cait?

    I just got word from Quiddity. It turns out she somehow caught chickenpox on the trip. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from the dodgy 1-star YHA beds. No wonder she was feeling so awful! Poor thing. I hope you get better soon sweety!!

  • Cait
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    I have a question, for anyone. Is there a digital camera that doesn’t have the shutter delay? Mine has about a 3 or 4 second delay between when I push the button and when the camera actually takes the photo. It’s driving me nuts. With animals particularly, I miss all kinds of adorable photos because by the time the damned camera shoots, the critters have moved.

  • b0b
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    i say good jorb!

  • olivia
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    I took them with my Samsung D500 cameraphone… they didnt come out nearly as well as the scenery really looked… it was SERIOUSLY beautiful. You’ll just have to see with your own eyes.

  • chad
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    way to go! I’m hoping that you’re a terrible photographer and that the scenery was just so beautiful everywhere one looks that you couldn’t help but take such amazing pictures. Or both. I’d settle for both.

    Hiking Hadrian’s wall – That should be the first thing that i put down on my before i die list. But then, i don’t want to get ahead of myself.

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