31 Jul 2005

Must I point out the obvious?

I posted this earlier a little while back on The Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefwazi -but obviously you didn’t read it. So here come’s your spoon-feeding. Open the tunnel, the choo choo train is coming…

Chapter 2: Concerning Women Who Deserve To Be Praised

“In order that a woman may be relished by men, she must have a perfect waist…… If one looks at a woman with those qualities in front, one is fascinated; if from behind, one dies with pleasure…… She speaks and laughs rarely, and never without a reason. She never leaves the house, even to see neighbours of her acquaintance. She has no women friends, gives her confidence to nobody, and her husband is her sole reliance…… If her husband shows his intention of performing the conjugal rite, she is agreeable to his desires and occasionally even provokes them…… she is always elegantly attired, of the utmost personal propriety, and takes care not to let her husband see what might be repugnant to him.”


  • chad
    August 2, 2005 Reply

    hahahaha, a whore that woman sounds

  • fly*
    August 2, 2005 Reply

    I may be fueling the fire here…but from my experience (humble as it is)….a womens worst enemy is normally herself….

    Im not saying that it isnt with men but I do think that generally women are just more aware of themselves than men are…

  • olivia
    August 2, 2005 Reply

    CHAPTER 4: About Women Who Are To Be Held in Contempt

    “Contemptible likewise is the woman who is constantly laughing out; for, as it was said by an author, ‘If you see a woman who is always laughing, fond of gaming and jesting, always ruling to her neighbours, meddling with matters that are no concern of hers, plaguing her husband with constant complaints, leaguing herself with other women against him, playing the grand lady, accepting gifts from everybody, know that that woman is a whore without shame.'”

  • olivia
    August 1, 2005 Reply

    Yes, starting tomorrow. I will make a concerted effort! It’s for the best.

    And fly, when I think about it, she sounds perfect!

  • nathan
    August 1, 2005 Reply

    FINALLY! Someone gets it right.

    Now turn around and lets get conjugal.

    Wait? Didn’t you say you were trying to avoid posting sexual things for a few days?

  • Cait
    August 1, 2005 Reply

    The sad part is the women bought into this shit for centuries.

  • fly*
    August 1, 2005 Reply

    The girl I love has a volumptous figure (no tiny little waist, a big bottom is way sexier)…gives me uphill at the best of times and says exactly what is on her mind whenever she wants (this normally ocurs at around 3-4 in the morning)…at any given point she changes her mind and throws me on a wild goose chase only for me to arrive back at the same point….

    She is the sweetest yet nastiest creature I know and I adore every bit of her for it….

    I understand myself even less when im around her but I think I like it that way…I think…. :o)

  • Rayborto
    August 1, 2005 Reply

    is this like a hint hint or something, damn im confused again.

    -your pal
    idontunderstand women

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