20 Jul 2005

Day 3 – Once Brewed to Rye Hill

Endless hills
Careening the bog

An ancient well
The entrance to Level 3

She's obviously delirious at this point

Where we’ve been
Far, far away

Massive boulder foundation remains
Rocks and other things

Perty tree
HI-ho, the dary-o, the tree stands alone

Mmmmm cheese....

Quiddity develops a taste for supertall dutchmen in kilts
Have-at thee a drink, m'lady?

My washing hangs out to dry
Underoos, eh?

My not so sexy anymore boots
Give 'em a lick and a kick and they'll be right back as rain


  • olivia
    July 22, 2005 Reply

    And just for the record, that brown blotch in the centre distance of the path is a bunny. A perfect little brown bunny, shaped just like a Lindt chocolate bunny.

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