27 Sep 2005

Project Walrus

The US Army contemplates building an aircraft the size of a football field

The Walrus Project is the newest adddition to an old concept of LTA or “Lighter than Air” aircraft. In this case, the Walrus is upscaled with the newest technologies and created to act as a “tri-phibian” aircraft that can be used on land, sea and air. Project Walrus would entail an aircraft as large as a football field. It is intended to carry payloads that are more than 500 tons and transport it over 12,000 nautical miles in less than seven days.

In peacetime the “Walrus” could offer a myriad of solutions to trade by transporting large loads by air instead of by truck thus reducing congestion and cost. The Walrus also does not require hangers or towers and can act as a minature city to house people or troops.

WALRUS will require little or no infrastructure to build or maintain, and will not be limited by the need to use runways or other infrastructure (masts, etc) at the landing location. The system will not require a hangar for storage while not in use, and will be able to withstand adverse weather conditions throughout operational life without significant tie down or other manpower intensive operations.

via weird events


  • fly*
    September 30, 2005 Reply

    Is the eiffel tower really that big ?!

  • hemaworstje
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    to bad those blimps do not fly when it is a bit windy..

  • Kevin
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    Does that look like Thunderbird 2 to anyone else?
    Especially the green one…

  • Cait
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    Sounds like a great solution to a lot of problems. We could use a few of those right now in NO.

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