23 Sep 2005

I’m back!

Well sort of. The Fantastic Week of Fun isn’t officially over till Monday but I missed you guys. Here’s a couple of posts to tide you over till the next time.
x’s y’s and z’s to you all.


  • Sybrand
    September 27, 2005 Reply

    My blog is ssssssooooo much cooler than yours. The reason is – I’m not going around all the time with my little , so I actually get time to blog.

  • Jam
    September 26, 2005 Reply

    Hope you’re having a FABULOUS time…(well you’d better be for being AWOL for so long…)

  • Quiddity
    September 23, 2005 Reply

    it’s good to hear from you. tried to reply to your email but it’s doing strange things and i’m not sure it sent. a whole alphabet of love to you…

  • Eon
    September 23, 2005 Reply

    She is alive!! Missed ya!

  • Miko
    September 23, 2005 Reply

    Missed you!

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