27 Sep 2005

Wow is this even real?

Does anyone know where this comes from?


  • nathan
    October 1, 2005 Reply

    The very same my brother!

  • Bob
    September 29, 2005 Reply

    Are we talking about the same Steve that blew up that refrigerator behind the old Sheetz store?

  • Anonymous
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    It’s pretty much the same as the “girlfriend” ad Toyota went viral with, same concept, same car:


  • ken
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    that was my mate dave from essex…

  • their mutual friend
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    well, that’s steve for you

  • nathan
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    No, it’s real. I was there when it happened. That’s my buddy Steve yelling “Woohoo!” as he drives through the wreckage.

    Good ol’ Steve. He likes this girl named Jackie Z but won’t go out with her because she’s a cosmetics girl. Can you believe that?

  • olivia
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    Thanks for the info!

  • hemaworstje
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    its a commercial for a korean or yapanese SUV, they cut of the last part to avoid brandmarking, the commercial was aired only briefly till the war started.
    vilodex has nice downloads indeed.

  • Cait
    September 28, 2005 Reply

    That looks like a meteorite. I have trouble believing someone just happened to catch that on film.

  • Quiddity
    September 27, 2005 Reply

    It looks pretty scary to me! I had a pyro friend who once made a petrol bomb and exploded a tv in his backyard, sadly i have no film footage.

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