25 Oct 2005

Adopt an endangered animal for £2.50

WWF “Adopt a wild animal for yourself or a friend, and help the WWF safeguard the future of these species and tackle some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our world today.

Our six animals are all real wild animals – located in a project area funded or run by WWF, not a sanctuary or zoo.

Adopt any of these animals from as little as £2.50 a month and we’ll send you a Welcome Pack, containing: a certificate, a print of your animal, facts about the species, a greetings card, tips on a ‘greener’ lifestyle, WWF screensavers, and a soft toy. You’ll also receive quarterly updates.”

Thanks pp!


  • Cait
    November 4, 2005 Reply

    We need to start a movement to save the middle class American taxpayer. Now there’s an endangered species.

  • nathan
    October 26, 2005 Reply

    I know! Hogan doesn’t put up with that sort of thing though…and now that Macho Man doesn’t have his Slim Jim contract, he’s got to snap into something.

  • Fuschia Faery
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    Ha ha ha, very funny Rabes!
    So what does GREENPEACE stand for?

  • Rabes on McClelland ave.
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    man who would have thought that the World Wrestling Federation would care so much about endangered animals.

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