15 Oct 2005

There’s even a turtle at the end!

Poor Froggy. All he wants is to cool off. But a very disgusting set of incidents prevents that.


Christopher Conforti, director-editor-animator-sound designer

Frog is a four-minute computer-generated film, with each frame drawn on paper and scanned into the computer to be colored, edited and finally exported to digital video. The film was transferred at standard definition, and edited with Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. The final format was Beta SP.

Find out more about Christopher:

Born in Brooklyn, New York Christopher Conforti began drawing at an early age, mostly dinosaurs. He later moved to Wellington, Florida and began taking drawing and painting lessons at the Zolet Arts Academy. While studying visual arts, Chris showed an interest for animation, and after watching a special on television showing animators flipping their drawings, Chris began making flip cartoons out of notepads. He later attended the Dreyfoos High School of the Arts and was introduced to stop-motion animation through one of his sculpture classes. Chris and his friends then founded FMC Productions (Fred, Marc, and Chris) and made stop-motion films with action figures to coincide with book reports, though they usually had little to do with the books. Before graduating Chris made two more films, one of which, Going Places won 1st Place in a student video competition at the Palm Beach Institute for Contemporary Art. After high school, Chris moved back to New York City to study traditional animation at the School of Visual Arts. There, Chris made two films, Concrete Calamity and Frog which has won numerous awards including a Student Academy Award and has screened in over a dozen festivals worldwide. Conforti now lives in Brooklyn again and is currently an animator for Little Airplane Productions.


  • nathan
    October 26, 2005 Reply

    Okay. “Hi, my name’s Nathan. I like the color green and once rode my bike into a barbed wire fence, causing me to flip around it while stuck to the barbs in a cartoon fashion. It hurt, but I didn’t cry until my friends ignored me. And how are you?”

  • Angel Lovely
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    lets talk

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