21 Oct 2005

Have you ever watched Creature Comforts?

Aardman Animations produced a series of short films in stop motion animation for the UK’s Channel 4 that matched audio recordings from real life interviews – like ordinary British housewives talking about their lives, children at the zoo etc – to absurd animated scenarios. The results are hilarious.

I found this Creature Comforts clip on Atom Films that’s really worth watching! And here’s the official Creature Comforts website with even more trailers!

Aardman Animations is a British stop motion animation studio founded by Peter Lord and David Sproxton in 1972. Nick Park joined Aardman in 1986, bringing his creations Wallace and Gromit with him. The company is based in Bristol and is the centre of a sizeable animation and film special effects industry in the City.

Lord and Sproxton went on to create the character of Morph for the children’s art programme Tony Hart, who went on to have a series of his own. That was one of my all time favourite TV shows.

Aardman produced their first feature-length film, Chicken Run, in 2000.

Most or all of the props and scenery used in Aardman productions since 1972 were destroyed in a warehouse fire just a few days ago. The models and sets used for Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit were undamaged, as they were on display at a different location. The same case applies to the master copies of finished prints of the company’s work. The original models of Wallace and Gromit were spared however, as they were with Nick Park on his publicity tour at the time. The rocket from a Grand Day Out was also spared as it was on display at the company’s studio at the time.


  • Jam
    October 24, 2005 Reply

    Yes – definitely in SA – I remember Morph well.

    I just watched all three Wallace & Gromit movies this weekend and remembered how great they were again!

  • Fuschia Faery
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    I loved Morph, we had it in SA didn’t we.


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