22 Oct 2005

Learning the Tarot

Tarot of the Old Path deck
After spending at least an hour choosing the right one for me, I bought my first Tarot card deck today – the beautifully illustrated “TAROT of the Old Path”, absolutely packed with symbolic imagery. and I’ve just found a wonderful online course to learn how to properly use and read them:

LearnTarot.com – its a free online course, and you can use any deck, although its recommended you start out with the Rider-Waite Tarot, probably the most popular tarot, and it’s easy for beginners.

I desperately wanted the Buckland Romani Tarot but they have been out of print for two years.

The Buckland Romani Tarot Card deck - in the authentic gypsy tradition

Maybe somebody knows where I can find it second-hand for not too much?


  • lor
    October 26, 2005 Reply

    what beautiful illustrations. i have a william blake deck which is gorgeous, but quite complicated, so i never bring them out. sad really.

  • vitro nasu/eggplant
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    My favorite is Barbara Walker’s deck of cards.

    This one from zonezero – a deck by Mexican artist.

  • Rabes on McClelland ave.
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    i agree with Nathan $699.80 maybe at one time Vhats up but now Ish don’t think so.

  • niqkita
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    I believe the Rider Waite has also long been my mom’s fav, though she also really likes the Geiger deck, it suits her dark side nicely. When I was growing up I was very fascinated by reading the cards, and knew them fairly well. Sadly, I pushed much of that knowledge to the far corners of my mind once I moved away from my parents.

  • Fuschia Faery
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    Keep a look out on Ebay (none there at the moment though) sometimes people sell these things without knowing what they are worth.
    Dave used the Rider Waite ones for ages, I tried them but didn’t get far, kind of stuck to runes as I like the clarity of simplistic symbols. Have also painted our bathroom with them.

  • Cait
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    My favorite has remained the Rider Waite. I’ve had a Celtic Tarot. I had one Tarot deck that was absolutely awful. It was a “beginner’s” deck that said on the card what the reading was. I hated it. Threw it away. Still like the Rider Waite.

  • olivia
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    Hahahahaha you weirdo.

  • nathan
    October 22, 2005 Reply

    oh and hhahahahahah – “ace of rods” now that sounds sweet…

    So there are what? Rods, swords, cauldrons and coins? as in clubs, spades, (somehow) hearts and diamonds?

    And a joker and a some kings and a hand of blackjack?

    Ooooh I can’t wait to see them all and play you a mean hand of Texas hold em.

  • nathan
    October 22, 2005 Reply

    Jesus Christ as a swearword! $700 to tell the future?

    Ish don’t think so.

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