19 Oct 2005

Malaysian Lullabye Competition

A Malaysian politician has announced a lullaby competition for women to sing their husbands to sleep.

The politician in question, Nik Aziz, says the Kelantan state government will hold the contest to encourage wives “to give their best in taking care of their husbands”. He said: “The husband returns home tired. The wife will sing the lullaby for him to sleep soundly and, when he awakes, he will be at peace. This contributes to the happiness of the husband and wife.”

Aziz added that there would be a similar contest for mothers to sing lullabies for their children.


  • hal, of the falon
    October 19, 2005 Reply

    I agree in wholehearted fervor and it is with eternal dorment sadness that I cry in vain as my proverbial bus is constantly missed, waiting for that snake of a charmer to come lull me into the better togetherness of our home in whatever heaven might accept my weeping, melting angst…

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