19 Oct 2005

Saddam faces judgement

Well I don’t know if you’re aware but today is the day Saddam Hussein finally gets his day in court. Its about time really, considering he’s been held for 2 years!! In any case the trial is likely to be adjourned for weeks, perhaps into next year, after Saddam and his co-defendants make an initial appearance.

Saddam Hussein could face a death sentence if the Iraqi tribunal convicts him at the end of his trial. Amnesty International said yesterday it has sent three delegates to Baghdad to ensure that the trial of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is fair and that it is opposed to applying the death penalty if he is convicted.

Whatever your feelings are on Saddam, do you really think its possible for him and his top aides to get a fair trial? The tribunal was set up in December 2003 by the US-dominated Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). The parliament elected in January 2005 is due to legitimize the court and rename it the Iraqi Higher Criminal Court. There is already controversy over the legality of this special tribunal which may undermine the legitimacy of any trial outcome. Also the evidence against him was not protected after the US-led invasion and a lot of it has been compromised. For example, mass graves were dug up with heavy equipment by relatives desperate to find remains of their loved ones, and key documents went missing in the chaotic days after Saddam’s fall.


  • olivia
    October 24, 2005 Reply

    In case anyone was wondering, this is how he has been spending his time in jail.

  • fly*
    October 20, 2005 Reply

    Actually i’ve always wondered this, well since I realised that Nelson Mandela spent quite a bit of time living in a house under imprisonment….how bad are they actually treating him ??? (Saddam Husein that is ???)

    I cant see it being the same kind of prision they would throw crack dealers into, I mean regardless of what he has done…he was still the president of a country…that must count for something….interesting thought no ???

    Anyways….will he get a fair trial ??? hell no…he was dead the minute they invaded Iraq….

  • clicknathan
    October 19, 2005 Reply

    Well put, my good man.

  • justice and the harbinger thereof
    October 19, 2005 Reply

    Okay, the sad reality unrecognizable to you bleeding heart activist commie types is this:

    1. Evil is apparent in the eyes of its subjects. Stare at them long enough and you will see a magical boat with some dwarves and, if you are allied with its forces, you can join it in hell’s burning ouch.

    2. Visit my website and realize the difficulties of trial, fairness, and the inevitable demise of all that is virtuous in our world.

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