21 Oct 2005

The lovely Niqkita…

Photograph by Xilia Faye


  • Fuschia Faery
    October 25, 2005 Reply

    Well it’s a lovely shade Niqkita, takes some guts as I’ve just found out. Mine’s ultra-violet brown officially, and I kind of like it as it’s not completely in your face but it definitely different. Yours is a gorgeous bright colour though, very gutsy girl!
    Stunning pic too!


  • niqkita
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    Ack! I know you warned me, but I wasn’t expecting that ~:P
    My hairs been purple for ages, it’s actually growing out & is just the last several inches of my hair, but I still recolor it every so often. After using nothing but Special Effects haircolor for 6 years I’ve really fallen in love with Manic Panics Ultra Violet, it doesn’t last as long, but the shade is perfect. And for the record, that is the closest to appearing to have cleavage I get, there’s ealy very little there to cleave ~

  • Fuschia Faery
    October 23, 2005 Reply

    Oh my god, has she dyed her hair purple too now? Mine’s so purple! See my blog for pics.

    Actually a friend called it aubergine, I dunno.


  • Rabes
    October 22, 2005 Reply

    Hi my name is Bob and I too know a cat named Mittens.

    I aslo like unprocessed fish sticks.

  • nathan
    October 21, 2005 Reply

    hey, nice palms.

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