25 Nov 2005


HBO is a for-pay premium channel available in the US which has spawned shows such The Sopranos and Sex & the City, as well as some really good joint-BBC ventures such as Rome & Extras.

They’ve teamed up with PBS to produce their latest original movie, Yesterday, a movie about a South African mother who’s contracted AIDS through her husband and is struggling to survive to see her daughter start school. It was filmed entirely in South Africa. The site includes a trailer.


  • Jam
    November 26, 2005 Reply

    Beautiful film, with all the rich saturation and emotion so completely typical of the South African landscape….we are both cursed and blessed.

  • olivia
    November 25, 2005 Reply

    Looking at those images and faces… I’m feeling incredibly homesick 🙁

  • olivia
    November 25, 2005 Reply

    That looks like an incredible story, and such a typical real-life South African story. So many South African parents struggle with the knowledge they will die before their kids are old enough to even feed themselves.

    I wish the preview would work.

  • Natalie
    November 25, 2005 Reply

    Completely unrelated – does anyone think Alan Cumming looks like Pee Wee Herman? And wouldn’t that be more fiiting if he was?

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