01 Dec 2005

Wow! BIG news!

South Africa’s highest court today ruled in favour of same-sex marriages, striking down a law that banned gay unions and ordering parliament to draft new legislation within a year.

“The common law definition of marriage is declared to be inconsistent with the constitution and invalid to the extent that it does not permit same-sex couples to enjoy the status and benefits it accords heterosexual couples,” said Justice Albie Sachs in a ruling delivered by the constitutional court.

Recognition of same-sex marriages would put South Africa in the same league as the Netherlands and Belgium, which have enacted legislation granting gay and lesbian couples the same rights as heterosexual ones. A number of European countries – Denmark, France, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – offer a similar legal status to same-sex marriages as civil unions.

Thanks Eon!


  • Hemaworstje
    December 1, 2005 Reply

    yes , good to hear, finally an end to parents claming their son property ,and the gay or lesbian partner remains with nothing.
    Also they have then the right to adopt children in the Netherlands, as equal as a married couple.

  • olivia
    December 1, 2005 Reply


  • Jam
    December 1, 2005 Reply

    As long as you have your id….

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