30 Jan 2006

The verdict’s in: men don’t fancy funny women

The Independent: While it is well known among men that women are attracted to funny men even if they look like boiled frogs, apparently, research shows men find female wits a turn-off.

Research to be published this week in a leading academic journal “Evolution and Human Behaviour” confirms what many female comics – and funny women – have long suspected: men are frightened by their brand of humour. While men might chuckle at the odd gag, when it comes to finding a long-term companion they do not want a partner who will fire a stream of witty repartee at them. And this is according to the study carried out by academics at some of the world’s top universities. “Men see being funny as a male thing,” explained Dr Rod Martin, who led the project.
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  • Cait
    January 31, 2006 Reply

    I’ve always known that. And I always avoided men who didn’t like that I had a wicked sense of humor. Men like that are just insecure.

  • Jam
    January 30, 2006 Reply

    Because any man that doesn’t appreciate a sense of humour is a half-wit!

  • Jam
    January 30, 2006 Reply

    Hope you always retain your sense of humour

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