27 Feb 2006

The Jacknife

The Jacknife

Foldable bike concept with a minimal aesthetic and mechanical design. Look – no finniky gears, no annoying chain system. This bike is powered by hydraulics, with a consistent delivery and no wear and tear on the gears and brakes.

As seen on electro^plankton


  • nathan
    March 2, 2006 Reply

    Liquid for sure, but good luck riding it in the real world with those tiny wheels…

    Also, if you don’t have a chain, it can’t pop, and if you don’t have a chain to pop, you can’t get grease all over your hands and face trying to fix it…what kind of a man doesn’t have grease on his hands and face?!

  • dad
    March 2, 2006 Reply

    I love it but will just have to develop muscles in these legs of mine!!

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