27 Feb 2006

Wimoweh… the lion sleeps at last

An original 10-inch 78rpm recording of MbubeIn 1939 a tall, shy Zulu migrant worker named Solomon Linda stepped up to the microphone and produced Mbube, a song that echoed around the world, becoming Pete Seeger’s Wimoweh and the international classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Linda was paid a total of 10 shillings for the song, while it went on to make US$15-million for others. The musician died in 1962 with less than R100 in his bank account. His widow couldn’t afford a headstone for his grave.

Last Friday, Linda’s legacy finally received some justice…


  • olivia
    March 3, 2006 Reply
  • Fuschia Faery
    March 3, 2006 Reply

    Lovely hearing the zulu singing, always takes me back! Interesting story to consider, glad it’s been addressed.

  • Cait
    February 28, 2006 Reply

    It’s only right that he be paid for his creation. Listening to the different versions was interesting. The one I liked best was Linda’s!

  • Jam
    February 28, 2006 Reply

    I am so delighted to see that this has finally happened!

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