24 Mar 2006

Julie is back

And blogging like a badass. Here are some tasty morsels I just found there:

Black and white twins!
Black and white twins

Photoshop for kids - Genevieve and SkylarA little girl who started using photoshop at age 3 1/2 and the Photoshop for Kids Page


  • Miko
    March 25, 2006 Reply

    Aw, the twins are cuties! I resemble neither of my parents. People were often startled to learn that my dad was my dad or my mum was my mum, and you could almost hear them thinking, “but you are different colours!”. Although it never really bothered me, I’m thrilled to bits that my son resembles me so closely that no-one ever assumes that we are not related, as so often happened with me and my parents.

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