15 Jun 2006


“Tickling as a fetish (also known as tickle torture) is perhaps one of the most common human behaviors known, in that studies indicate nearly 85 percent of adults in some way or another enjoy tickling others, being tickled themselves, or watching others be tickled.”

You’ll find some really odd stuff on Google Video these days…

Can’t see the video? Try this link instead.


  • niqkita
    June 19, 2006 Reply

    that was darn near pornographic ~;) other than the duct tape it looked like an awful lot of fun being had.

  • Jam
    June 19, 2006 Reply

    Aaargh! Just watching that makes me want to slaughter. I despise being tickled!

  • I’m not bob
    June 16, 2006 Reply

    wtf mates? is this hot or not i can’t tell?

  • nathan
    June 15, 2006 Reply

    While I thoroughly enjoy a brief tickling applied to my son for fun, or a longer term one deployed against my lady friend for retribution of her own tickling atrocities, I must firmly ensure the world that I, Nathan Swartz, despise being tickled…

    Nothing funny about it – unless, I’m not the one being tickled.


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