27 Jul 2006

Tiny Music Factory

It's as tiny as it looks!Check out this micro version of the iPod Shuffle (or so it appears to be – it’s not actually an Apple product.) It runs on MMC or SD chips, so theoretically you could pack up to 4GB onto the thing – about 8x what my Shuffle can hold. I can’t be sure of the sound quality or how awesome you’ll look wearing it, and the name is about as innovative as calling ham Canadian bacon, but you could probably store the thing in your belly button if your pockets were full…

Learn more about the SC-MP001W »


  • nykki
    July 28, 2006 Reply

    is this like the one you bought for nathan?

  • olivia
    July 27, 2006 Reply

    That is just FANTASTIC!! I love how new devices are coming out with removable storage.

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