29 Sep 2006

Google Transit Expands

Pittsburgh T Light RailGoogle Transit, an extension of Google Maps that lets those of us who are car-free traverse out cities via walking and public transportation, has recently expanded from a Portland-only offering to five other cities, including Pittsburgh!

So if you’re thinking of moving to the US, or you already live here but maybe you’re stuck up in a red state or just don’t like the weather up in New England, you might want to think about moving to our happy mountain home.


  • nathan
    September 29, 2006 Reply

    Now if Google Maps would let you save locations, like “My Favorite Pizza Shop” or “Nana’s” or “Place we had sex in the bushes…”

  • olivia
    September 29, 2006 Reply

    YAY! This is such great news! Mine eggs are static. I just tested it out on the bus route to the Chorts school and it works so beautifully.

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