19 Nov 2006

Levitating Islands in Bermuda Triangle Observed by Spy Satellite

My unending fascination with the Bermuda Triangle is fed further: “Islands in the Bermuda Triangle were photographed levitating by as much as 10 miles off the surface of the ocean in this recently-declassified image from a U.S. spy satellite.” (photo)


Found on Caiterwauling


  • ken
    November 25, 2006 Reply

    you know those types of injuries can result in penile surgery…

  • olivia
    November 20, 2006 Reply

    I sat on your sarcasm radar the other day while you weren’t looking and may have bent it. Oops.

  • nathan
    November 20, 2006 Reply

    I think your sarcasm tags are broken….

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