25 Jan 2007


I wish I could share the joy of being alone with someone else

What a great postcard. It reminds me so much of someone I adore.

I only once ever experienced this exact feeling. The last leg of Hadrian’s Wall, I was walking completely alone through the wilderness for almost an entire day… I felt like I could carry on walking forever, just me and my backpack which had become a comfortable home, and I even wondered if I had to go back to my ‘old’ life or if there was some way I could pull it off. Of course instead of just enjoying being alone, I wanted to share this great feeling with you guys and I tried to leave an audioblog… it would have been the best saved memory of my life, if I could have just remembered to press “#” before closing the phone.

Here’s another post secret I feel so close to.

I’m sure you’ll find something in there just for you too.

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