31 Jan 2007

Sony BMG album harm your PC? Here’s $150


Although it seems like Sony BMG has been paying for its devious inclusions on certain records for quite some time, it looks like the joint venture will now be coughing even more dollars to compensate those affected. US regulators have now said that the company “agreed to reimburse consumers up to $150 for damage to their computers from CDs with hidden anti-piracy software,” which comes on top of allowing customers the ability to exchange the album if they so desire. Moreover, Sony BMG must now “provide an uninstall tool and patches to repair the security vulnerabilities on consumers’ computers” for another two years, and if its hand hadn’t been slapped enough, it can no longer “collect information for marketing purposes” nor “install software without consumer consent.” Great, we’re elated that someone up there understands that this DRM gauntlet isn’t the way to go, so why are we still fighting the agenda in so many other areas?

~ Engadget

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