23 Mar 2007

Field Music

Field Music

One of the most surprisingly wonderful things that happened to me yesterday was Field Music – a band I unexpectedly watched play last night just before Menomena’s highly anticipated set. At first I heard them playing a couple of songs in the background, while I was distracted by tasty drinks and good friends… and suddently it hit me, an incredible catchy rhythm I’m not used to hearing, especially not in Pittsburgh, and I was magnetically drawn through the noisy crowd right up to the stage where I stayed for the rest of the night…

Here’s my favourite example of their unusual and catchy sound – If Only the Moon Were Up

Field Music is from Sunderland-near-the-sea, just South of Newcastle – which started off as a small fishing village and grew into the biggest ship building city in the world. Strangely, Field Music’s sound isn’t what you might expect from a place with a quaint name like Sunderland, but Sunderland has a thriving underground music scene which has fostered huge talent like The Futureheads, The Golden Virgins and Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics.

I love this video – it completely captures the surroundings their music conjured up in my mind, and the irresistible urge I felt to dance –
You’re Not Supposed

These guys have a really tight sound together and just watching them live they show such huge similarities in personality quirks and musicality, which I guess is partly explained by two of the band members being brothers, but it makes for a really harmonious sound.

And finally, I’ve saved up my favourite video of all –
In Context

They’re on a world tour at the moment, and they might be passing through your town soon!

Field Music official website
e-music mp3 downloads


  • nathan
    March 24, 2007 Reply

    That last video was really tight…so worth watching the whole thing.

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