19 Apr 2007

The Second Best Blog, like ever

You read right. You think you know someone who knows someone famous? That’s nothing. I’ve been friends for years with the the guy who has the second best blog. As if that isn’t rad enough to make you click and see, check this –

The single most extreme ironing stunt ever done to date:
hijacking hotspot
Somewhere in Gauteng, South Africa


  • nykki
    April 22, 2007 Reply

    nice and crisp!

  • Sybrand
    April 21, 2007 Reply

    Sideburn is looking good as always. Keeping fit with extreme sports.

  • Ken
    April 20, 2007 Reply

    omg! thats sideburn!
    sybrand dude…hows its going 😉

    its kenny-lingus, formerly known as ken 🙂

  • Sybrand
    April 19, 2007 Reply

    Look at that handsome devil!!!

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