23 Aug 2007

The Sprout Fund

Under the aegis of the Sprout Fund’s Public Art program, 31 gorgeously colourful murals have been dotted on walls and structures throughout the Allegheny County since 2003. They can even be found tucked away in neighbourhood gardens and around pokey little corners. Already there’s likely a Sprout Fund mural near where you live, work or commute. Nothing gives me more of a sense of happiness or feeling of belonging in my new home community than these murals.

"Life in Motion" by Monique Luck & Leslie Ansley. 508 Jacksonia Street, Pittsburgh

The artists who create these public artworks have not only succeeded in completing a mammoth painting job that represents all the people who live there, but they have the whole community backing them. A huge amount of commitment on the comminity’s part is required. Once they put the application in to the Sprout Fund they commit to 4-5 months of meetings before the mural is even started. The community is also polled on the type of art they feel represents their neighbourhood and then the best artist is matched to the community.

But all that commitment pays off. The community receives a grant – not money, but a mural that revitalises the area.

More murals and other public artworks are in the pipeline. The application process for community groups and artists begins early next year.

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