29 Jan 2008

MacDonald’s Bionic Burger

Last year Len Foley was reading a book by Morgan Spurlock (who wrote and directed the documentary Super Size Me!) called “Eat This Book” where he exposes the truth behind what is really in fast food. On page 117 Spurlock mentions a truly crazy story. I dont want to give anything away by before you see the video, but its important to note that Len actually went out to meet the guy behind the story because he was sceptical about it being true and ended up making this short film. This is no urban legend – it’s 100{a9f0d31f6175b3e4775e11a66c07db268fb74408d6095f6b46eeec420c0e9f62} for real!

Watch it on YouTube.


  • Anonymous
    February 4, 2008 Reply

    mmmMmm meaty goodness 🙂

  • nathan
    January 31, 2008 Reply

    ugh… anything McDonald’s seems so PlayDoh anymore…once you realize what food is supposed to look like, that it’s not supposed to be so shiny and perfectly shaped…

  • Eon Malherbe
    January 30, 2008 Reply

    Never mind the 1000 cows, with that list of chemicals they may as well package them in pill form.

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