15 Apr 2008

Non-toxic Cleaning Services For Your Home

Feeling the Spring Cleaning bug? For those of us who are growing more sensitive to household cleaning chemicals and others who are determined to keep those nasties and fumes away from their children and homes, there are eco cleaning services available:

Maid Brigade – green cleaning service with over 400 locations nationwide that use non-toxic cleaning chems and reusable microfiber pads instead of disposable ones (about $110, depending on area and house size), among other eco-friendly fixes.

Yelp – type in your location and “green cleaning” to find a local green maid service.

Want to do it yourself? Here is Ideal Bite’s list of top eco-cleaning products. Our family has completely replaced all our crusty chemical ridden cleaning products with shiny new eco friendly ones. You’ll be amazed how ridiculously delicious these products smell and how incredibly well they work! Bear in mind that every chemical you pour down your sink or flush down the toilet gets back into your water supply. Isn’t it time to start trying the alternatives?

via Today’s Ideal Bites Daily Tip

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