22 Jun 2008

Day 6 – 12mi. The final night!

Backpack blogging:
make big!

There have been amazing views, interesting people along the way, greenery, cute animals and long luscious nights of dead tired sleep. Its raining and freezing cold tonight though – a fire would have been amazing if we had some dry wood…

I cant stop thinking about home comforts… snuggling my boys, enjoying a glass of milk, hot running water, a hard beating shower, washing my face! Using a flushing toilet, feeling a mattress give way to my hips instead of being bruised by the hard floor.

6 more miles tomorrow and I’m home free! Well sort of – there’s another camping trip planned this weekend near Ohiopyle. But that will be pretty luxurious in comparison.


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  • bob
    July 8, 2008 Reply

    that picture with all the ferns looked pretty sweet.

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