23 Jun 2008

Day 7 – Ohiopyle

Wow I love Ohiopyle! If only my phone hadn’t died on me I could have taken some photos of this amazing tiny town. It’s got so many activities for the outdoors. We crossed a pretty high bridge over the beautiful, fat river which was hilariously signposted something along the lines of, “No jumping, fishing or diving from the bridge allowed.” which pretty much spells out how creatively active the people around there are.

It was very laid back too. I hope we get to spend some more time around there in the coming years.

We also bumped into this group of four really interesting women again who we kept bumping into along the trip. They all had 16 year old kids in common, but we couldn’t help noticing they were in way better shape than us, huffing and puffing our way to the end while they zipped around. They were amazing! And so interesting to talk to. I hope I see them again and have a feeling I will.

Oh and by the way for anyone interested in doing a part of the Laurel Highlands Trail – the first 6 miles (in our case the last 6 miles) were by far the most breathtakingly beautiful. The views were jaw dropping!

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