24 Jul 2008

Fuel Economy

I found some great gas saving tips over at edmunds.com:

glug glugChange Your Driving Habits (and Save Gas!)
That surge of power off the line wastes more gas than you’d think. Consider these driving tips that will save you money and provide hidden benefits you’re sure to like.

Gas Buying Strategies
Not ready to buy a new car or change the way you drive? Never fear; these fuel-saving tips take the sting out of today’s gas prices.

Another tip I heard on TV the other day is pay in cash at the pump. Many filling stations are offering a 6¢-a-gallon discount for cash customers, to incentivise the use of cash, cutting back on hefty credit-card fees.

Oil and Oil Prices

Review: Who Killed the Electric Car?
Conspiracy theories abound in the automotive world. But this anatomy of the murder of GM’s EV1 raises issues much larger than just the demise of an electric car.

Understanding Oil Prices
Join us for a look at how world crude oil prices are set and the different factors affecting the price you pay at the gas pump.

How Much Oil Is Left?
Are spiking gas prices ever going to drop? The oil companies know a lot, but they aren’t saying much.

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