02 Oct 2008

Tonights Vice-Presidential Debate

Although I haven’t lived here long I can only imagine the topic of the televised Vice-Presidential debate would cause most Americans to yawn, but I have a feeling tonight’s might break all records by having the same viewer ratings as Obama and McCains. It seems far more people are curious how she will handle the debate and much less interested in Biden or the actual information passed around in the debate. This may seem like a lot of pressure for her but actually is set in her favour. Additionally the bar has been set so hilariously low by recent media ridicule of her gaffes she can only amaze and surprise voters tonight, and I’m pretty sure she will. Another hidden but huge bonus in her favour.

Biden on the other hand who has years of heavy-duty experience behind him will need to carefully watch he doesn’t come across as condescending — particularly because the media are just waiting to accuse anyone of sexism towards her — hoping rather she just naturally shows herself up. The public don’t like know-it-alls (unless they are hilariously gay, oh man wouldn’t that be a great debate! Hopefully in my time). This is going to be an extremely tough balancing act for Biden and will require a LOT of self-control if he follows the rules. There is so much he could say in this debate that I have a feeling he will hold back on to avoid being hated. I am hoping his personality will shine through. I hope he will get caught in the moment! I could learn a lot from his experience. I want to know more about how his mind works and I happen to like know-it-alls!

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