04 Dec 2008


RADIOLAB‘s podcast this week is fascinating, chilling and hilarious! I never thought I’d find a podcast as gripping as This American Life until I stumbled on the show on Stitcher today. Now I’m completely hooked and look forward to listening to the whole archive.

Why so many sperm? We turn to the animal kingdom to answer that question, which lands us on a tour of sperm battles in ducks, flying pig sperm, and promiscuous whippoorwills. We ponder the necessity of males in a world where sperm can be frozen and kept for all eternity…

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  • Ms. Wakame
    December 5, 2008 Reply

    hahaha! thats hilarious!! Even sperm play Travian.

  • Bob
    December 5, 2008 Reply

    I was watching Discovery today and found out that there are several types of sperm that we have. There are like some sperm that are like guards some are speed demons others just act like they are doing things when really they do nothing at all.

    It was pretty interesting.

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