17 Jun 2009

8 Tips for Scoring Free Airline Travel Vouchers

welcome aboardAirlines like money and it turns out that the best way for airlines to make money is to ensure that there are as few empty seats on a plane as possible. When a person doesn’t show up for a flight, the seat is left empty and an empty seat is a lost opportunity for revenue. As a result of this conundrum, airlines employ fancy statisticians to figure out how many seats the airline needs to overbook just to make up for the no-shows.

Unfortunately, those statisticians aren’t fortune tellers and sometimes (okay, a lot of times), their figures are off. When the figures are off, it’s still a better deal for the airline to give you a $300 travel voucher than it is to risk letting a seat fly empty.

So, how can you cash in on all of this free travel? Here are tips to releasing your inner free-travel royalty:

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