26 Nov 2009

Today I Am So Thankful…

…for my endlessly patient and loving family, for my inspirational funny intelligent friends who hang in there with me even though I keep moving country… to my new readers on yummy wakame for all the support and insight… to my uncle Steve who sent me a bunch of never seen toddler photos this morning of our days of yore together… and to my eternally inappropriate mother who I adore, for remembering Thanksgiving a month too early…
(I had to dig this one up)

Livvie Thanksgiving 2009

Today I will think about all I have been so incredibly blessed with as I sit around a barbecue feast with friends around my RV home in the tiny town of Marathon Texas, that I am snuggly warm and safe and surrounded by love, and good food, great company, inspirational minds around the world, my new travelling gypsy cat, for work that’s flowing in like crazy during a usually dead time of year…

and definitely for the opportunities I now have, because of taking the chance to love and live with Nathan, to travel this beautiful country, for the chance I had to live in the UK all those years ago in the buzzing city of Brighton with Pieter, who is an enduring inspiration to me in every way of a truly compassionate, wise and selfless human being, and for being born to two die-hard freelancing parents of South African Voortrekker blood, still alive and kicking in me, spurning me on in my quest for independence.

Happy Day of Thanks to you all! *with love*


  • Olivia Meiring
    November 26, 2009 Reply

    Have a yummy day!!

  • Greg White
    November 26, 2009 Reply

    Love and thanks to you from all of us today.

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